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Jun 20, 2021

Aristide Benoist

United States
  • Design: 9.00
  • Content: 8.50
  • Creativity: 9.00
  • Usability: 9.00
  • MX: 0.00
Aristide Benoist

This is Ari’s 2021 website portfolio showcasing his works. He is a Developer who specializes in motion and interaction digital products.

Interactive scroll and transition that display each project. These projects have their own color palette and a side thumbnail to navigate through the displayed content.

Smartphone display is reduced to about page and I think this was done by design and the target audience. Please view the website on a laptop or desktop to witness website interaction development finest.

Some of the technology used and JavaScript Libraries include;

  • Interactive Design
  • JavaScript
  • WebGL
  • GLSL

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Aristide Benoist
Aristide Benoist
Aristide Benoist