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10 free illustration websites

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10 free illustration websites

Creating eye popping illustrations for a web project can sometimes be demanding and leave you with limited options especially when you can not draw.

Well crafted illustrations help connect and engage visitors to your website. They bring a distinct visual appeal and detail to your product or services. Use of illustrations has become a popular trend with addition of a gradient fill that makes a website project pop. Most come in svg format which is easy to manipulate and add motion using CSS and Javascript.
We bring you a list of websites where you can find high quality free illustrations to use in commercial and personal project. is an online illustration generator to craft your own characters for free. The illustrations are compatible with Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Figma. This website offers different elements to make a character. All you have to do is combine and create into what you want.

This is an open-source illustration kit with 120 awesome illustrations. The illustrations are free to download and use in your project. The illustration is inspired by a 100 days challenge by the designer, Vijay Verma who spent about 2 hours a day for 100 days designing, illustrating and experimenting.

It is free for commercial and personal use.

An open-source illustration library created by Katerine Limpitsouni for any idea you want to create. The images are easily scalable, retina-ready and customizable.
The upside of this website is that you can use the illustrations without a back link or attribution.

This website has a range of beautiful illustrations updated weekly and has different styles and packs, providing varieties for use in any project. is a hand drawn illustration library with some unique characters and elements made of different vector arms, legs and emotions to mix and match into new peeps. It is compatible and editable in Sketch, Adobe illustration softwares.

It is free for commercial and personal use created by Pablo Stanley.

This is an archive of free illustrations kit. You can browse different illustration packs and also you can submit your illustration project. The website is constantly updated, so there’s a good chance of finding content that fits your project needs.

Mix and match different characters by changing the hairdos, tops and pants to create screens for every occasion. This is also free for commercial and personal project created by Pablo Stanley. is a set of free illustration that embrace the idea of one design. The illustration can be copied, mixed and redrawn for any purpose without any restriction.

Awesome gradient illustration by mixing and matching different characters, objects and backgrounds. The illustration is scalable maintaining the quality regardless of size. The illustration are compatible with Sketch, Adobe Photoshop and illustrator.

It is free for commercial and personal projects.


ouch by icons8 contains downloaded png and svg illustrations from top Dribble artists for use in your next project. The website provides high quality illustration packs and easy to use in different scenarios.

Others to check out;


Discover new illustrations every week based on categories and types to use for landing pages, blog posts and web applications.

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illu.station by has high quality, easy customizable illustrations available in png and svg format.

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