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In a quest to bridge the gap that is Africa and the global world of web and digitization, was set up to serve as an inspiration gallery of websites from 54 African Countries. As a tool to constantly drive African designed websites and their development, is a site that seeks to share resources and also serve as a road map, leading others on a path to do better as it regards web design and development.

HOW IT IS GOING seeks to become not just a gallery but also a creative’s treasure trove as it curates clean and quality websites from around the globe, to give web designers and developers an archive to fuel their creativity. This is one website that offers help to up and coming African Web designers and developers to learn the art of web designing and development at no cost…Yes! For free!


Call it ‘purpose’, 54-Webs is passionate about web creation and helping you attain industry standards, using the right codes. It offers an unmatched user experience on designing and creating websites and progressive web apps.

As an education platform, we also offer at different categories, accessible tools and information to help you tackle frontend development. With these categories, we are able to meet various web designs and development needs. Categories featured are;


A collection of web designs and links from all around the continent of Africa to serve as reference points in web creation.


A collection of web designs from the international community to serve as reference points in web creation depending on your preference and needs.


Here we curate website creations plugins, JavaScript libraries and resource materials for web development.


Through a dedicated online learning management system, we are equipped to teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

SOTM (Site of the Month)

Call it the icing on the cake, here the websites are selected using various criteria monthly. These sites are broken down into the minutiae form, from sharing and explaining the technology and technique employed in the making of this selected site.

Only the best websites from across the globe gets featured here. Categories for selection include:

Design, creativity, content and usability, recent technology used, structure and layout.


At, we do not only make your dream website come alive, we also give you the power to write the script, designing just how best you want your dreams served.

WELCOME to the world of unbeatable opportunities embedded in one enormous web…54-Webs.